Make long-lasting changes in your habits that will have a huge impact on your health & lifestyle!

Do you recognize this?

I want to improve my habits, but…

I fall back into my old habits after a few days or weeks
I struggle with obvious habits like water intake and sleep 
I’m tired of starting all over again
I want to change everything but end up changing nothing

I know how you feel…

Hi! My name is Febe, I’m a bossbabe mom of two teenage sons. I have been struggling with my weight since my first pregnancy. After 10 years of trying all sorts of diets, working out a lot and coaching hundreds of women to their best shape, I finally found a way to establish long-lasting, life changing habits that will have a huge effect on your daily life, fitness, health and energy. 

Healthy Habit Coaching

Long-lasting changes to improve your lifestyle!

 Losing weight is not hard. Maintaining your weight afterwards is a lot harder! Drastic changes are not sustainable, so why keep doing something that isn’t working?

I’ve got your back!

I’ve developed an app where I will coach you daily to a healthy lifestyle. According to your goals, needs, your time and struggles, I will customize your habits and workout plan.

A 1-on-1 coaching call will help me understand your habits and how I can help you to reach your goals.

It’s time to kick some ass and start taking care of yourself again, don’t you agree?

Who’s this coaching for?

This coaching is not for everyone. 

It is for you if…


You’re ready for long-lasting changes


You still want to enjoy your social life


You’re tired of starting over again


You’re looking for a healthy way to change your life

It is NOT for you if…


You’re not willing to commit to daily coaching through the app


You don’t believe in your ability to change your habits


You prefer quick-fixes that will always bring you back to your starting point

No button here! Only bad-ass women joining!

Without change there would be no butterflies

Are you ready for long-lasting changes?

Our Coaching plans

Basic Plan

Basic changes with a huge impact


1 on 1 coaching intake


Personalised habit plan


Monthly check-in to update habits


Personalised app with goals, progress, body stats, sleep & meal tracking…


24/7 coaching through app and Messenger


Healthy Habit Coaching Facebook community

Workout Plan

Spice up your habits with a sustainable workout plan


All features of basic plan


Personalised workout plan


Workout Phases based on progress


Both cardio & weight training


Detailed & clear plan with video’s

All-in Plan

Go all the way with our added nutrition coaching


All features of workout plan


Personalised Nutrition Coaching

I need this!

What is my investment?

Our healthy habit coaching will change your life. I will teach you to make sustainable changes that will have a huge impact.

 I have limited spots for this type of coaching, so be fast! 

 Our basic plan starts from 15€ a month, that’s 0,50€ a day.


Is your body worth it?



What happens when I sign in?



I will contact you for a 1 on 1 coaching intake. We will get to know eacht other! I will listen to your goals, struggles, needs and wishes. I will ask you a lot of questions to really know what it is that you are looking for.



Based on your intake, I will now set up your app. I will personalise your habits and schedule your workouts.



You are now getting coached daily through the app! You can follow your progress and personal bests, and I can follow along and adjust where needed. Let’s do this!

You don’t have to do this alone, I’m here for you girl!

Hi, I’m Febe

I’m a very motivated momboss who likes to transform women like myself. For this I use all my knowledge and experience, both online through my coaching programs and offline in my Personal Trainingstudio.


It’s not easy for me to maintain my weight. 1 cupcake? Going straight to my butt!


I love music and dancing. My carreer as a fitness instructor started 12 years ago as Zumba instructor


In the weekends you can therefore find me on all sorts of salsa parties. On the dancefloor from beginning to end, of course! 


I hate cardio. On my best days you can find me running, but you will never get me on a bike or in the pool for sports. I prefer playing with heavy weights! #powerchick

I’m not sure…

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