Femininity Workshop 2/2/24 – Fix your posture

49,00 incl. BTW

Boost your confidence with a feminine, upright posture

A beautiful, feminine posture is attractive. A confident woman walks upright, and will be perceived as sensual.

This workshop will boost your self-confidence. You will know your areas for improvement and how to enhance them.

You’ll receive tools to learn to relax so that your posture is open, soft, and inviting

Location: Oudenaarde, Belgium

Date: Friday 2/2/24 – 19:30-21:30

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This workshop is for you if:

You want to walk through life upright, with confidence, in a feminine way

You want to get rid of annoying neck, shoulder, and back pain

You regularly have headaches due to tension and stress.

You’d like practical tips on improving your posture and relieving pain, and how to apply them yourself.

You struggle to relax and want to learn how.

You want to connect with other women seeking to enhance feminine energy in a warm, safe environment

What to expect:

Warm Welcome with tea, homemade healthy fruit drinks & healthy snacks.

Personal posture report: which muscles are tense/overactive, causing your posture to be out of balance? How can you improve this?

Breathing & relaxation session

Cupping of neck, shoulders, and upper back: relaxing the tensed muscles.

Stretching to relax muscles that are overactive and causing an imbalanced posture (rounded upper back, hollow lower back, shoulders up, head or shoulders forward).

Personal booklet with tips & exercises for posture correction & relaxation

With these new workshops, we will explore your feminine energy together. I want to help you reconnect with feeling, enjoying, creating, just ‘being.’ From a feminine, gentle energy, you will shine, attract the right people, and be yourself. You will learn to receive (love, money, success) instead of always giving.



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